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Clipper Seafoods operates seven longline commercial fishing vessels and is always willing to consider applications from hard-working individuals. Our longliners fish year round and job openings can arise quickly. Applications are kept on file at our corporate office in Seattle, WA and reviewed periodically as openings arise. We pride ourselves on providing employment opportunities for both skilled fisherman and entry level individuals who are ready to work hard and start a new career in the commercial fishing industry.

Spring 2017 Job Fairs

Clipper Seafoods HR Team will be conducting in-person briefings and interviews for work as a Greenhorn Commercial Fisherman aboard longline vessels in Alaska’s Bering Sea.

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General Qualifications

A career in the commercial fishing industry requires vigorous and highly physical work; individuals who want to join the Clipper Seafoods Team need to be ready to handle long hours and challenging work under tough conditions. Fishermen at Clipper Seafoods are also expected to bring with them a willingness to respect and work well with others in close quarters.

The Clipper Seafoods hiring process includes both a background screening and a mandatory drug test. Applicants will be screened for criminal history and this will be given consideration during the hiring process. Applicants will also be expected to pass a drug test, and if hired will be subject to periodic random drug screening on the job.

Working at Clipper Seafoods

At the beginning of each trip new crew members are flown to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Most employees fly from the Seattle area, but we have a diverse group of individuals including people from all walks of life and all areas of the country. Travel arrangements are handled by our corporate office and there is no up-front cost to purchase needed supplies and the required permit to fish in Alaska, which will also be deducted at the end of the trip. Once the trip is complete, generally 3-6 weeks depending on the size of the vessel and the catch rate, the captain will assign a “crew share” based on work ethic, attitude, and general performance. This will determine what portion of the total profit each employee receives. Hard working individuals willing to learn the trade can make commercial fishing a very lucrative career.

Positions at Clipper Seafoods


Captains at Clipper Seafoods are expected to lead by example. An effective Captain should be familiar with all aspects of the fishing vessel’s operation, and should embody the following qualifications:


The Mate on a fishing vessel is expected to act as a back up to the Captain, and should be familiar with all aspects of the longline industry. Mates should have the following qualifications:

Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer is responsible for maintaining all machinery aboard the ship, and is expected to ensure the safe and effective operation of all equipment. A Chief Engineer should possess the following qualifications:

Assistant Engineer

The Assistant Engineer acts as back up to the Chief Engineer and helps maintain all machinery aboard the vessel to ensure safe and effective operation of all equipment. Assistant Engineers at Clipper are expected to have the following qualifications:

Deck Boss

The Deckboss is responsible for supervising all deck procedures. A Clipper Seafoods Deckboss should be an experienced deckhand who is capable of working alongside the Captain and Mate to ensure proper procedures are followed. A Deckboss should have the following qualifications:


Deckhands are responsible for the handling and hauling of gear, operation of deck equipment, and the loading and unloading of inventory. Deckhands are experienced fishermen who have worked their way up and are well compensated. A Deckhand should have the following qualifications:

Factory Foreman

The Factory Foreman is responsible for supervising the processing personnel and ensuring a high degree of product quality at all times. A Clipper Seafoods Factory Foreman should possess the following qualifications:

Quality Control

The Quality Control specialist works closely with the Factory Foreman to ensure the finished product is consistently of the highest possible quality. The Quality Control specialist should be an experienced processor who is ready and willing to assist with all processing duties. This position requires the following qualifications:


Processors are responsible for the handling, panning and packing of all product. Although this is the starting point for people entering the commercial fishing industry, it is a demanding, fast paced job which requires physical fitness and attention to detail. Processors with Clipper Seafoods should have the following qualifications:


Cooks at Clipper Seafoods are responsible for the providing quality meals to the crew and handling inventory and ordering of supplies for the galley. A Clipper Seafoods Cook should have the following qualifications: